Art gallery - Benedetto Bonaffini

My name is Benedetto,  I am one of Agata and Salvatore’s children, I do not live in Sicily, I live in Turin and one of my  passions is painting.

My parents have allowed me this space in the villa chiarenza web site, permitting me to  present some of my painting, many of which have been exposed inside the villa.

We are a very big and close family, as are many others in Sicily and as I am the only one of six children who do not actually live in Sicily, this page is a way of making me feel at home.

I am  the founding  member  of the “ Magica Torino” association, born with the intent to promote and valorise art in every form. I invite you to have a look at the web site

If you choose Sicily for your vacation, you will have a marvellous and fantastic time, Sicily is rich in the arts, has excellent food and  it will offer you intense emotions.